Assistant Instructor & Coach  

Terence Thornton 3rd Dan  Wado Ryu

First started training in 1994 and passed to Black Belt in the year 2000

trains and looks after the squad for competitions 



Chief Instructor 

Dale Gamble   7th Dan Renshi  Wado Ryu

World kumite Referee A

World Kata Judge A

European kumite Referee A

European Kata Judge A

British and English Chief Referee

BIKO Chairman

I started training in 1973 and began my own karate club in 1987

I started my refereeing career in 1991 and have travelled all over the world

gaining my current qualifications.  I became the Chief Referee for English Karate

in 2010 and I am responsible for training all English judges and referees

I gained the British Chief Referee position in June 2013.